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Our Barndominium Life™ is a phrase I created to describe a daily lifestyle that says, “Come on in the house, kick your feet up, and let’s talk about whatever comes to mind.” It's simple, elegant, luxury country living.  People in the city can reach it.  People in the suburbs are closer to it.  But, people in the country have seen it up close, and many are living it. It is relaxed, uplifting, and challenging - all at the same time. The cost - no more than living in town, but you may have to give up easy access to a few comforts and services and do a little more yourself.

It’s the need for a little "elbow room" to spread your wings no matter who you are. It’s not for everybody.  But more and more people are looking for it. You find a piece of land whether it’s one acre or 100 acres. You own it!  You care for it! You pick a homesite on the property that is set back off the road a piece, so people have to peek through the trees to get a glimpse of your Barndo.

When visitors enter our long driveway and first see "The Creek House" (that's our Barndo) in a clearing - a football field off the road - they say, “Wow!” When our guests stop, get out of the car, and walk onto the front porch (our foyer) – they say “Wow!” again. When I stand in the door and say, “Welcome to our Barndominium!”... they say, “Barndo what?” And I say again, “Our Barndominium” – and I begin to explain what a Barndominium is and that we live in a custom designed, steel frame and metal building. They say, “Wait a minute...” they step back outside to look again and say – “Wow! I want to live in a metal building too.”  They walk into the great room kitchen combo – Wow! Step on to the side porch – Wow! Look at the oversized fireplace – Wow! See that outdoor kitchen – Wow! I smile and say, “Catch your breath, sit down, and have some sweet tea.” They kick their feet up, relax, and the fun has just begun. That's luxury Barndominium living!  That’s Our Barndominium Life™.

It is today’s down-home style of luxury living for anyone who wants it. It’s for those who want to spend a little time away from town or a little time getting back to nature.  It's for anyone who wants to spend time relaxing with good friends.  It is your land, your Barndo, and your life. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do. It doesn’t matter if you grew up living this way. If you want to clear your mind, find your own way to relax, and feel at home - a Barndominium and all that goes with it may be just right for you.

Picture a setting far enough away from the city to “be away” but close enough to be back quickly if needed.  You can have a luxury Barndo home with all the comforts you choose. It can be a weekend place or an everyday place. If you like certain design elements, throw them in. Do you want high ceilings? You can have them. Do you want wood floors, tile, carpet? Take your pick. Do you want a place where kids and dogs can bring in a little dirt and no one frets? You can have it. Want a gathering place for friends and family – there may be no place better!

We welcome you to join us on a journey that will continue to define not only “Our Barndominium Life™” but also - Your Barndominium Life. Remember, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do – if you like good times, good people, a little work, and good outcomes - you’re welcome in the Barndo world.

So, put your feet up on the table and go ahead and spend some time on our website. We think you’ll find something that you'll like that can help you be even more you! One thing is for sure, once you see our Barndominium Designs – we are certain that, “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again. ®”

Our Barndominium Life™

I am Stacee Lynn, the Barndominium Lady™! I’m a pearl wearing, Creole girl with southern Louisiana bayou roots. I came to Texas to go to college (University of Houston with a degree in Marketing & Communications – Go Cougs!) and have pretty much been here ever since. Like many of us transplanted Texans say – “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could!” My family and I love Texas and all things Texan!

What else do I love? It’s simple - I love Barndominiums. They are strong, steel-frame or post frame homes, usually with metal siding (but other options are available) to which you can creatively add great front and back porches, grand entry ways, fabulous open concept great rooms and kitchens, oversized kitchen islands, massive fireplaces, "smuggler's pantries," and super-sized owner suites and baths.  You can have special items like firehouse style glass garage doors that double as picture windows, outdoor kitchens that rock pizza ovens, and bunk and media rooms that make your family and friends want to visit every day and stay for a while! And Barndos offer the opportunity for more DIY projects than you can shake a stick at. This is what I love, and this is what I call our “Our Barndominium Life!”™

I opened The Barndominium Company™ to share my passion for design, construction & décor with you. We all deserve a home that fits our family’s many needs. We can help you with that. When I wake up in my Barndo and look around - I smile and say, “I get to live here.” I want to share that feeling and excitement of living in a Barndo  with you.

Come and join Our Barndominium Life™. It’s “real life” blended tastefully with some “dream come true.” We think you’re gonna like it. And when it is all said and done, “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again.®”

Meet The... Barndominium lady

Well, heY Y'all!  I hope you’re having a great day!

At The Barndominium Company™, we focus on design, build, and décor for Barndominiums. The team is inspired by the opportunities Barndos present for comfortable, open, real life living. We think its luxury living at its best.  Our staff of over 20 architects, designers, sales, customer service, and social media team members is led by Stacee Lynn - The Barndominium Lady™- a self-taught designer, contractor, and décor aficionado.

We currently offer services in (1) Barndominium Design, (2) Lender, Material, and Builder referrals, (3) Construction Tips, Advice, and Consulting, and (4) Finish Out Selection Services, and (5) Interior Design Consulting. 

Our staff has hands-on experience in Barndominium design and construction. Our senior staff has wholesale and retail background experience in finish out selections such as flooring (tile, wood, carpet), lighting, plumbing fixtures, HVAC, ceiling fans, major appliance selection, fireplaces, etc.  Our team has a variety of tips to offer from land purchase, to home site selection and prep, to best practices on how to manage your GC and subcontractors effectively through completion of your build.

In addition, our team has interior design and décor selection expertise to help with furnishings, flooring, artwork, etc. We can help you find those items that fit your taste and lifestyle and stay within your budget.

Give “The Barndominium Company™” a try, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of every phase of your Barndominium design and construction project.

The Barndominium Company™ 

I am often asked two questions:
How did you get the nickname - The Barndominium Lady™? And... How did you get to the Barndo scene?

First the nickname - we were one of the first in our local area to build a true Barndominium and call it that. When friends would visit, and we would welcome them - that “Barndo what?” conversation would inevitably pop up. Eventually, friends began associating me with Barndos, and they started saying, she is the Barndominium / Barndo Lady, the Barndominium / Barndo Babe, Barndominium / Barndo Queen, etc. of all these numerous terms of endearment... The Barndominium Lady or Barndo Lady stuck the most - but I like them all.

Second, how did I get to the Barndo scene... which we call the "Barndo Life." I am self-taught in home design, construction, and décor. These are my passions. I have an eye for it. I see blueprints in 3-D and just seem to be able to bring them to life. I have designed our homes over the years.  A few years back - a builder entered my (then) home in a design contest.  My design beat every professional architect in that town except one. That was a hint that maybe I had a knack for this. And while I loved those homes and their designs, they weren’t quite what I wanted yet.  They weren’t Barndominiums.

When we moved to the Houston area, we wanted to look for a place in the country. When we found it, that crazy (like a fox) husband of mine, Oliver, said that I should design our new country home, be the general contractor, and decorate it because he didn’t know or trust anyone to do it better. So, I put pen to paper and designed the Barndominium that we call the Creek House – with many of the great features I think can go into a dream, luxury Barndo. It was a fabulous journey and a great learning experience. It helped refine my skills and my sense of design even more. That project put me square in the world of luxury Barndominiums.

In building our Barndominium, we found some great resources and learned a lot along the way. We built in two phases. We did our “get out quick plan” – a 1,500 square foot Barndo Garage/Loft Apartment combo - that we lived in for six months before we started the Creek House Barndominium. Then, over the course of the next year – taking our time and taking breaks – I acted as the builder and managed all subcontractors.  Oliver acted as part-time home builder and Mr. Fix It! We got the job done! We broke ground in the summer of 2018 and fully moved in late in the summer of 2019. The best part was that we lived on our property during the build, could supervise our project, and work at our own pace.

As we were finishing our build and the punch list, I decided to share my Barndo project on social media.  Then a person asked that magic question – does she design Barndominiums? Before I could answer another person answered for me... and said, “Yes! She does, and she’s designing mine!” Our lifestyle concept – Our Barndominium Life™, and our design studio – The Barndominium Company™ - were born! 

My new friends on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok took notice of Our Barndominium Life and our following has grown. We opened in July of 2020.  We now have over a million followers across our on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok platforms.  We continue to expand to more social media platforms and spread the "Barndominium Gospel!" 

I love when family and friends come for a visit. They are always smiling when I open the door, and I say, “Welcome to our Barndominium!” And the response is nearly always — “Welcome to your what?!?!” — Then I explain that we live in a metal building. The next words out of their mouth — “OMG, I want to live in a metal building!! I want to live in a Barndominium!" And then, I am the one doing all the smiling!!

We all deserve a home that fits our family’s many needs. When I wake up and look around, I feel like I’m on vacation or should I say “staycation.” In either case – I feel great and want to share that excitement of living in a Barndominium with you. Our vision is to take Barndominiums - Steel Frame, Post Frame, and "Barndo-esque" (stick builds) - to the next level.  Our goal is to help people in across the United States and other regions turn their Barndo dreams into a stylish, affordable, custom-made, luxury home. 
My goal is to share the joys of Barndominium living with you. Join us! It’s country living seasoned with a little bit of dream come true. And when it is all said and done, “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again. ®””  

Thanks for stopping by.

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Stacee Lynn

The Barndominium Lady™

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